201 W 11th St.
Laurel, MT 59044



My name is Matthew Tygart and I get blessed to be the Pastor here at Laurel Nazarene. Candace is my wonderful wife and Children’s Pastor. Together we have four beautiful children that love Jesus and people. They are full of joy, and are a bright spot in our lives and in the lives of those they influence.  Over the past 15 years of ministry God has shown me that there is one thing that matters more than anything, which is to love God and know how loved we are by God, but we are also called to be the Love of God to others. Therefore, this is our mission to make known to everyone we encounter, to be Loved by God and be the Love of God. Over the years here at Laurel Nazarene we plan to make this our highest priority and pray you will join us in this call!

Pastor Matt Tygart