201 W 11th St.
Laurel, MT 59044

About Us

We are just ordinary people made up of all different backgrounds who have discovered a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. We are excited about what God has done for us. Most of our lives have been changed dramatically by Him. We have discovered that we all need forgiveness and that Jesus dies to forgive all! We rejoice in the new life He has given us. We do not apologize for being a little different. You may see us praying before a meal at a restaurant or talking excitedly about the joy in Christ, but you will find that we still salute our flag, and believe there are other exciting Christians who don't carry the tag "Nazarene". When Nazarenes gather for church, the music is spirited, the fellowship warm, the preaching practical, and the service informal.  All Nazarene services are planned to be God-honoring and people oriented.

The "Word of God" (Bible) is our book. If it's not confirmed by the book, we don't want it. Nor do we want it given to us by some private interpretation. It is through this Bible that the truth reached out to us and we will never be the same! Nazarenes believe that God loves everyone and has a wonderful plan for their lives. We would like nothing better than an opportunity to share with you how we came to know God's plan for our lives.